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The Keelines: James and Kim

James D. Keeline and Kimberlee D. Keeline met as teenagers and married in their mid-20s. Together, they collect books, run steam trains, and enjoy the history of Disneyland.

They live in San Diego and have numerous websites for you to visit. See below for more about each of them and a list of their online resources.

Powaymidlandrr.org – Steam Train in Poway where we volunteer

24 Palmer St. Press – Books for Sale

Used/Collectible Books for Sale Facebook Page

James D. Keeline

James D. Keeline

James is a Southern California native who began collecting Tom Swift when he was ten years old. His father gave him three Tom Swift, Sr. books and he wanted more of them.

This eventually led him to become an antiquarian children’s bookstore manager and a researcher into the history of series books.

He has numerous published articles and is interviewed about series book history in the national and international press. He is writing a biography of Edward Stratemeyer called “Yours Truly, Edward Stratemeyer: the history of the inventor of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Tom Swift” and a series book encyclopedia, among other projects.

In addition to his series book research, he collects and researches early Disneyland and works as a web developer and system administrator.




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Kim Keeline

Kim’s father was a Navy corpsman so she moved every two years of her childhood, living in Washington state, California, and the Philippines.

Eventually they moved to Chula Vista and made Southern California their home.

An avid reader, she fell in love with mysteries at an early age with Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and the Three Investigators.

She writes mysteries and freelances for authors as a promotional assistant with websites, social media, and graphic design.


KimKeeline.com – her portfolio and her writing


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