James Douglas Keeline
5707 Spartan Dr., San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 229-8387


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System Administration | Programming and Web Design | Writing and Communications | Teaching

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System Administration:
Administered CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat web and database servers for several projects. This includes installation, configuration, maintenance, and security monitoring.

Maintained Fedora 3 & 4 servers for Convera web search translation project. Monitored for SSH and web-based attacks on the entire system, especially the Internet portion of the site. [Jan 2006-Sep 2006]

Was the primary system administrator for a real estate portal (AccessSanDiego.com) and CRM tracking system (ProspectUniverse.com) using Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES3, Apache 2, MySQL 4.1, PHP 5, and related technologies. Devised backup strategy, Bash shell scripts, and extensive PHP/MySQL programming for sites.

Administered a Fedora Red Hat Linux web server, featuring the above technologies, with more than 500 user accounts in an academic environment. [June 2001-June 2006]

Completed an 875-hour, 9-month Web Server Maintenance and Security certificate program which covered the Linux operating system, Apache web server, Secure Socket Layers, BIND DNS server, Sendmail SMTP server, Bash programming, Perl programming, PHP programming, and MySQL and Oracle databases. [Sep 2000-June 2001]

Have also recently worked with Knoppix, Debian, and Unbuntu distributions as well as Linux with OpenMosix for cluster applications.

Programming and Web Design:

Strong skills in web development with PHP, Perl, Javascript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), DHTML (Dynamic HTML), Google Maps, etc.

Competent with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash/Actionscript, Photoshop, FileMaker, most Microsoft Office products, Linux, Macintosh, DOS, and Windows operating systems. Have done some work with AJAX and web services.

Developed the internal web site (intranet) for NextWave.com using the Drupal 4.7 CRM framework. Built many custom modules for Drupal to meet requirements not covered by available modules. Created a popular seating chart mapping system with employee and resource profiles. Created an organization chart system. Recorded, edited, and posted engineering lectures in FLV format. [Sep 2006-Dec 2008]

Developed system to collect translations of web search terms from independent contractor translators around the world. Stored these values in MySQL for export to ontology team for Convera's semantic search engine project. [Jan 2006-Sep 2006]

Developed several database-driven web sites using PHP and MySQL for personal use and organizations such as the San Diego Booksellers Association (SDBooks.org), among others.

Writing and Communications:

Author of numerous articles and presentations on the history of children's literature, particularly juvenile series books like Tom Swift, the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. See a list of these publications and conferences attended.

Editor of newsletters for groups such as the San Diego Booksellers Association (BookEndz) and the North American Jules Verne Society (Extraordinary Voyages).


Instructor for the Centers for Education and Technology, part of the San Diego Community College District, for short-term web technology classes:
  • Web Server Installation and Maintenance (Apache)
  • Web Programming with PHP & MySQL
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux Security
  • Linux Script Programming (Bash)
  • Linux Cluster Technology (Beowulf, OpenMosix)
  • Linux for the Small Businsess (server and desktop)
  • Linux for the Desktop
  • Web Design for Wireless Devices
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Javascript
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Google Maps
  • TCP/IP
  • Perl
Senior PHP/MySQL developer for intranet for NextWave.com as described above.
Senior PHP developer and system administrator for Convera.com web search translation project as described above.
System Administrator and Developer for AccessSanDiego.com and ProspectUniverse.com as described above.
Taught "Introduction to Linux" unit of the Linux Cluster Technology program through the HTEC and Defense Conversion programs of the SDSU Foundation.
Teaching at the Centers for Education & Technology (formerly known as Continuing Education) for short-term web technology courses and substituting for other instructors in their absence.
Created a variety of web applications using client-side and server-side technologies, including Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, and CSS. Some projects were small-scale e-commerce applications while others were primarily informative in nature. One larger site is AccessSanDiego.com.
The largest book store in the United States specializing exclusively in out-of-print and collectible children's books remembered by adults. Responsible for all computer (including their previous web site) and research-oriented activities.

Appeared on three television programs, one 60-minute radio program, and consulted for innumerable newspaper and magazine articles. Wrote many articles in the field of series books (listed in second section) for journals in the field.
Intern at Teledyne Ryan Electronics.
Used CAD programs to design programmable logic devices to replace large circuit boards with a single custom integrated circuit for radar devices.
Assistant to Dr. Harold M. Bull, Associate Professor at San Diego State University Physics Department.
Wrote computer programs in compiled BASIC on IBM-class machines to analyze digital chromatography output and identify percentage of gases present based on statistical correlation with known samples. Project was discontinued when professor was not rehired due to budget cuts.
Head of computer lab for Department of Health and Human Services, College of Communication Disorders at San Diego State University.
Responsible for maintaining computer lab with fifteen IBM XT machines and training class-sized groups of students in basic word processing.
Manager for McDonald's Corporation.
Assistant manager at store in San Diego after being hired as a regular employee and showing proficiency in all stations at store in Chula Vista. While manager, edited employee newsletter.
Positions Held:
Consultant for and on-camera expert (talking head) for special feature on the Hardy Boys and the Stratemeyer Syndicate for Walt Disney Treasures: The Hardy Boys DVD set
Consultant for Edward Stratemeyer biography for Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVD set
Area chair for Popular Culture Association section on Dime Novels, Pulp Magazines, and Juvenile Series Books.
Solicited papers for panels using web pages, Internet listservs, and regular mailings; accepted paper proposals and organized them into logical panels; moderated groups and facilitated discussion.
Technical Editor for The Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys by Kismaric and Heiferman.
Read and corrected three drafts of this manuscript to ensure factual accuracy on issues connected with Stratemeyer Syndicate history.
Chairman and facilitator for San Diego Book Collecting Seminar.
Organized the first Book Collecting Seminar held in San Diego. Arranged for speakers and panelists, secured seminar location, and prepared conference program book.
Consultant for Growing Up with Dick and Jane by Kismaric and Heiferman.
Supplied unique historical and bibliographic information to support the creation of this book.
Editor of BookEndz.
Used Adobe PageMaker to typeset monthly newsletter for the San Diego Booksellers Association. Created web page for newsletter which includes Adobe Acrobat versions of issues created during my term as editor.
Member of Board of Directors for San Diego Booksellers Association.
Science Editor for three volumes in the Young Astronauts series.
Paperback juvenile books that used the "Rick North" collective pseudonym and were published by Zebra Books. After I saw numerous factual errors in the initial volume of the series, I was hired to edit scientific content of later stories (vols. 4-6).

Linux Cluster Technology
Two month, 32-hour certificate program offered by San Diego State University's HTEC program.
Web Server Maintenance and Security Certificate
Nine month, 875-hour certificate program offered by the San Diego Community College District Centers for Education and Technology.
Work towards Bachelor's Degree in Physics
Emphasis in Electronic Instrumentation at San Diego State University.

Specialized Skills:

More than 25 years of computer experience with personal computers including multiple platforms (Macintosh, IBM, Commodore, Radio Shack, etc.), programming languages (BASIC, Pascal, Forth, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript, Machine or Assembly Language for some 8-bit processors), Beowulf-class Linux clusters, and applications (PageMaker, PhotoShop, Excel, several word processors and database programs etc.).

Proficient in web page design, desktop publishing, image manipulation and enhancement, and database management.

Steam locomotive fireman and engineer as a volunteer for the Poway-Midland Railroad (PowayMidlandRR.org) to operate all running equipment, including a 1907 Baldwin 0-4-0 oil-fired steam locomotive, 1894 Los Angeles Railways trolley (converted to a gasoline engine by movie studios for films like Hello! Dolly), and a 1950 Fairmount speeder with a gasoline engine. The volunteers are also restoring a 1906 San Francisco cablecar which will be powered with electric motors and batteries.