Grant Writing

I am a freelance grant writer for nonprofits, particularly arts nonprofits.

While at San Diego Writers, Ink, I wrote the applications for the FY2015-2019 OSP City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture grant, moving us from a rank of -3 to +3, increasing our grant each year and also wrote the final reports for those years.

At Janis Brown & Associates (2014-2015), I applied for federal grants for a farmers market run as a nonprofit in support of bringing customers to a shopping mall. The farmers market was looking to add educational programs to teach children about local produce and healthy eating.  I set up their account and went through the application process but left the work before I heard whether it won.

Since May 2018, I’ve been a freelance grant writer for San Diego Performing Arts League. I have applied for a number of grants for their theatre week and other programming. So far, we have been awarded $5,000 from a local bank.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing grants and how I could work to help raise money for your project.