I am available for consultations on any topic I work on–Marketing, PR, Social Media, Web Sites, etc.

Please email me at with info on what you’d like to do–and I’d like to help!

My rates vary depending on what you want to do, how many people are involved, how long we will meet, and where we will meet.  Generally I work for $35-$50/hr depending on the complexity of the task.

If you are interested in a talk, please see my Public Speaking page for list of available topics and details.

Examples of Consultation Topics:

LEARN SCRIVENER:  Learn how to use the writing software that can organize your writing and make your backup life easier. I’ve taught Scrivener for years, at SD Writers, Ink and during private consultations. I use it for my own writing and love it.  I can teach the basics to most people in two hours.  To get a strong feel of the program and learn more advanced techniques I recommend two 2-hr sessions, but your needs might vary.  Email me for a rate quote once I know what you want to learn.

BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS:  I can help your business set up and maintain its WordPress blog. I can evaluate your current website, suggest techniques to drive traffic to your site, and help you through any technical or writing problem you and your business might face. This consultation is completely customizable based on your needs. Let’s discuss what you need and set a price that works for us both.

BRAINSTORMING/BREAK WRITERS’ BLOCK:  I’ve done this as a class but also a one-on-one consultation with writers who were having trouble getting started with writing.  I run you through various techniques (freewriting, brainstorming, and others), talk about the problems facing that writer, difficulties with procrastination and techniques to break out of the difficulties that face writers.  Hands-on writing time plus encouragement and tips to make the writing happen.

BLOGGING FOR AUTHORS: Get help with your blog. Whether writing, set up, or how to drive traffic to your site. I will evaluate what you have so far (if anything) and help you improve your visibility to help your writing.  Want to build a platform online so you can be published? I can help with that.