Résumé: Summary of Experience

Please contact me for a print version of my résumé at kim@keeline.com
or call 619-229-8387 (between the hours of 9am-7pm, please)

For more information, please see my LinkedIn page.

Marketing Communications Work:

  • Freelance marketing/pr, graphic design, and web site design work. Work for multiple authors, small businesses, and individuals. 2017-Present.
  • Marketing, Membership and Communications Director.  San Diego Writers, Ink.  Membership letters/cards, email blasts, social media, graphic design, photography and videography, and more. Part-time work (20 hours/wk). Jan 2013-Feb 2019.
  • Copywriter and Event Coordinator. Janice Brown & Associates. Aug 2014-Aug 2015.
  • Social Media Manager and Web DesignerWrite Out Loud.  Establish Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence.  Photography and Video work at events.  Part-time work (5 hours/week plus project-basis). Jan 2013-Present.
  • Social Media Consultant/Web Designer. Coconut Rose Rare Books and Autographs. Designed website and manage social media in addition to contacting stores to arrange for them to sell limited-edition book. Part-time work. Nov 2011-Aug 2015.
  • Social Media Consultant. HowDoIMarketMyBiz.com. Part-time work. Jul 2010-Jul 2011.
  • Publicity Director.  The Importance of Being Earnest at the Coronado Playhouse. Apr-Aug 2010.

Co-Chair of Organizing Committee.  Left Coast Crime 2020. National Mystery Conference coming to San Diego in March 2020.  Helped negotiate hotel deal, copywriting for website and social media, organizing volunteers, designed logo, and made all promotion materials (including ads, flyers, postcards, bookmarks, buttons).  Jan 2018-Present.

General Manager. Electriquette Motor Cart Company. Jan 2016-Dec 2017.

  • Supervised 5-10 employees.
  • Responsible for day to day operations.
  • Established all procedures, legal paperwork, and handbooks/manuals for business.
  • Designed all signs, maps, publicity materials, ads, business cards, banners, and brochures.
  • Designed website, established and managed all social media, and was event/publicity photographer.
  • Planned Electriquette Day, Grand Opening, and other events.

Grant Writer. San Diego Performing Arts League. July 2018-Jan 2019.  (also wrote grant applications for San Diego Writers, Ink and a federal grant for a farmer’s market at a mall for Janice Brown & Associates Marketing)

Associate General EditorThe Shakespeare Standard. Jun 2012-Jan 2017.

San Diego Shakespeare Society.  Multiple volunteer positions:

  • Board Member.  Jan 2011-Jan 2014.
  • Producer/Organizer for Celebrity Sonnets.  North County: June 2012 & 2013.  Old Globe: October 2012 & 2013.
  • Publicity Chair. Sep 2009-Jul 2013.
  • Social Media Manager. Sep 2009-Jan 2013.
  • Received STAR Award from the San Diego Performing Arts League in 2012 for my work at the SDSS.

Editor.  Series of Hidden Mickey Adventure Books.  Double R Books.  2009-2013.

Co-Organizer, CafePress Designer, and Publicity Director.  Tom Swift 100th Anniversary Convention.  July 16-18, 2010. TomSwiftEnterprises.com. Jul 2009-Jul 2010.

Graphic Artist/Desktop Publisher.  Metron.  Liberty Station office, San Diego. Mar 2009-Mar 2010.

Vice-President of Administration.  Poway-Midland Railroad Volunteers. Organized Volunteer Appreciation Dinners. Nov 2008-Jul 2010.

Instructor. Composition and Literature: University of Southern California, Washington State University, PACE program, Mira Costa College, and Southwestern College. 1992-2006.

Web Designer. International Society for the History of Rhetoric 2005 Conference. University of Southern California. 2004-2005.

Web Designer. Association of English Graduate Students. Department of English, University of Southern California. 2000-2005.

Web Designer. Writing Program, University of Southern California. 2000-2004.

Member, Organizing Committee. Book Collecting Seminar and Charity Auction. San Diego Booksellers Association. 1996-1997.

Co-Chair, Organizing Committee. New Approaches to Medieval and Renaissance Texts Symposium. Dept. of English, Washington State University. 1993-1994.


3rd Place in the Short Story Contest for the San Diego Public Library for “The Crossing.” 150 short stories (under 3000 words) submitted.  Performance of winners, May 24, 2019.

Conference Choice Award. San Diego State University Writing Conference.  For first chapter of “Deadman’s Switch”–chosen by editor for Kensington Press. Jan 2017.

Golden Gumshoe Award: Volunteer of the Year 2016. Partners in Crime: the San Diego Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Dec 2016.

STAR Award, San Diego Performing Arts League. For my work with the San Diego Shakespeare Society, 2012.

Merit Dissertation Fellowship, Department of English, University of Southern California, 2001-2002.

Service Award, The Writing Program, University of Southern California, 2001.

Instructional Coordinator Fellowship, The Writing Program, University of Southern California, 1999-2001.

Course Coordinator Fellowship, The Writing Program, University of Southern California, 1998-2001.

Nominated as “Graduate Student of the Year”, English Graduate Organization, Dept of English, Washington State University, 1994.

Honors Program Certificate, Department of English, San Diego State University, 1991.

Member of Mortar Board, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Societies, San Diego State University, 1991.

Nonprofit Academy. USD and the San Diego Foundation. Aug 2017 and Aug 2018.  Classes on grant writing, marketing, social media, nonprofit management, non profit board governance, nonprofit regulations.

Citizen’s Academy. Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office. 30-hrs. Fall 2017.

Ph.D.  English Literature. University of Southern California, August 2008.

Flash, Advanced Flash, Flash Games, Advanced Word Tricks, Content Management Systems, and PHP/MySQL.  Short-term computer classes, SD Community College District.  2004-2008.

M.A.  English Literature.  Washington State University, 1994.

B.A.  Distinction in English Literature, Summa Cum Laude. Minor in Drama. San Diego State University, 1991.

University of Southern California
Engl 520 Literary Contamination in the Renaissance Heather James
Colt 524 Topics in Classical to Early Modern Heather James
Engl 650 Film: Race, Gender, and Class Tania Modleski
Engl 630 Genre: Drama David Roman
Engl 520 Renaissance Philosophy Laurence Green
Engl 510 Chaucer J.A. Dane
Engl 590 Renaissance Drama Laurence Green
Engl 660 Theory: Marxism, Postcolonialism, Feminism Student-Led Seminar
Engl 530 Restoration/17th C. Leo Braudy
Engl 520 Renaissance Politics Heather James
Engl 501 Textual Criticism/Bibliography J.A. Dane
Hist 599 Early Modern World History John Wills
Washington State University
Eng 547 Literary Criticism John Ehrstine
Eng 548 Literary Theory Louise Schleiner
Eng 507 Shakespeare J. M. Massi
Eng 537 Literature of Women in the Renaissance Louise Schleiner
Eng 555 Science and Magic in The Canterbury Tales Mary Wack
Eng 560 Restoration and 18th Century Drama J. M. Massi
Eng 573 Gender and Culture in 19th Century America Joan Burbick
Eng 521 British Romanticism John Ehrstine
Eng 512 Introduction to Graduate School Alfred Von Frank
Eng 501 Methods of Composition Susan Wyche-Smith
San Diego State University
Hist 522A Tudor and Stuart England J. Flemion
Eng 604B Seminar: Renaissance Drama (except Shakespeare) Dorothea Kehler
Eng 534 Study of Shakespeare Dorothea Kehler
Eng 533 Shakespeare Prof. Morgan
Eng 499 Special Study: Shakespeare Dorothea Kehler
Eng 536 17th Century Literature Prof. Ridgeway
Eng 531 Renaissance Literature Prof. Ridgeway
Drama 496 Shakespeare: Timon of Athens Old Globe Theatre
Drama 496 Shakespeare: Coriolanus Old Globe Theatre
Drama 496 Shakespeare: Love’s Labor’s Lost Old Globe Theatre
Drama 496 Shakespeare: Comedy of Errors Old Globe Theatre
Drama 420 Play Analysis Robert Chapel
Drama 460 History of the Theatre (to 1660) Bonnie Anderson
Drama 596 Dramaturgy: Advanced Text Analysis A. C. Harvey
Hum 401 The Medieval Heritage of Europe
Eng 530 Chaucer Thomas Donahue
Eng 542 Romantic Literature Robert Sayre
Eng 524 American Literature 1920-1950 Prof. Sheres
Eng 509 Introduction to Teaching Composition Sherry Little
Drama 310 Creative Drama in the Classroom
Speech 475 Intercultural Communication Larry Samovar

Instructor. Brainstorming, National Novel Writing Month, Scrivener, Blogging and Blogging for Business.  San Diego Writers, Ink.  2016-Present.

Adjunct Instructor, School of Language and Literature, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

Fall 1994-Summer 1997, Summers 1998-2002, and Fall 2002-Summer 2006

English 116 Writing About Literature (two sections)

Critical reading, argument and analysis were focuses of this class built around writing about literature. Designed course syllabus and assignments and chose readings, including sections on William Shakespeare.

English 115 Reading and Composition: Exposition and Argumentation (multiple sections)

Designed course syllabus, assignments, and taught this Freshman Writing Course aimed at developing students’ critical thinking skills within the conventions of academic discourse, cultivating students’ strong critical reading skills, their ability to conduct intertextual argument and analysis, and produce extended forms of academic writing. Logical fallacies, library skills, along with paragraph and sentence structure were all reviewed in this computer-aided course.

English 114 Introduction to Composition (multiple sections)

Focusing on essay structure, this course was designed to prepare students for English 115. Different essay structures were reviewed, in addition to work on paragraph structure and grammar issues. Critical reading and logical fallacies were introduced as well as library research and citation structure.

SRP Eng 114 Introduction to Composition: Summer Readiness Program, EOPS (10 yrs)

In addition to the normal requirements of Eng 114, SRP students also participated in extra activities to build community, expose them to new ideas, and teach them needed academic skills. Participated for 10 summers: attending planning meetings, leading group activities and field trips, and team-teaching sessions with EOPS counselors.

English 65/71 Basic Writing (multiple sections)

This class focused on paragraph structure and a review of grammar and sentence structure to prepare students for English 114 and 115. Students were placed in course through placement test or after ESL courses.

English 60 English Fundamentals (multiple sections)

This class focused on grammatical and structural review. Students who needed extra work on grammar or who were just out of ESL classes and wanted further work on the language were instructed on sentence structure, common grammatical mistakes, and basic style issues.

Business 210 Business Writing (multiple sections)

This class was designed to help students master the forms of business letters, memos and other types of business communication, including resumes and brochures. Persuasive techniques and critical thinking skills were major focus.

Assistant Lecturer, The Writing Program, University of Southern California 1997-2001

Writing 140 (multiple sections)

Designed course syllabus, assignments, and independently taught the following Freshman Writing Courses (Writing 140) with the aim of developing students’ critical thinking skills within the conventions of academic discourse, cultivating students’ strong critical reading skills, their ability to conduct intertextual argument and analysis, and produce extended forms of academic writing. Each course drew upon a special social issues topic, listed below. Departmental Portfolio readings were required at the mid-semester and end of semester.

  • Law, Politics, and Public Policy
  • Language, Society and Culture
  • Diversity and Racial Conflict

Course & Instructional Coordinator, The Writing Program, University of Southern California

1998-2001 Course Coordinator, “Social Issues Affiliations”

Assumed a leadership role in facilitating the linkage between the Social Issues Courses and the affiliated Writing 140 sections. Developed writing assignments with associated materials and schedules for new and continuing Assistant Lecturers. Met regularly with the Assistant Lecturers assigned to the affiliation and the professor of the Social Issues course to plan assignments and lessons. Led affiliation group in departmental portfolio readings twice a semester.

1999-2001 Instructional Coordinator, “Writing 501: Writing and Critical Reasoning”

Trained new instructors during the two-week Orientation prior to the semester and co-taught “Writing 501,” an introduction to the teaching of writing. Played an active mentorship role throughout the academic year and participated in program and curriculum development. Planned and conducted the staff development program for Assistant Lecturers throughout the semester, as well as coordinated weekly critical thinking and writing workshops for all Assistant Lecturers.

Adjunct Instructor, MiraCosta College, San Elijo Campus

Rhetoric & Composition (English 100) Fall 1995

Freshman Writing Course aimed at developing students’ critical thinking skills within the conventions of academic discourse, cultivating students’ strong critical reading skills, their ability to conduct argument and analysis, and produce extended forms of academic writing on multicultural topics.

Instructor, PACE Program, Central Texas College

Rhetoric & Composition (English 1301).  Aug-Oct 1996; Apr-Jun 1995; Aug-Oct 1994

8 week courses on the USS McKee. Submarine base, Point Loma, CA.
Freshman Writing Course aimed at teaching critical reading, argument and analysis, essay structure, and library research. Met once a week onboard the ship, with occasional interruptions when ship was called to duty at sea. Students wrote four extended essays and many shorter pieces for a end-of-session portfolio.

Teaching Assistant. Department of English, Washington State University

Freshman Composition (English 101) 1992-1994

Instructor of record for five sections of computer-aided composition course. Class used networked Macintosh computers once a week. Focused on group work and multicultural assignments. Departmental portfolio readings were required in fifth and eleventh week.

Assistant to Dr. J. M. Massi. Department of English, Washington State University

Introduction to Shakespeare (English 305)  Fall 1993

Delivered guest lecture on Henry IV, Part 1 in addition to assisting instructor, grading papers, and discussing teaching procedures throughout the semester.