The Keeline's Big Train Weekend

May 6, 7, & 8, 2006

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Before we left, I made a fake news article about the planned trip. Here is an approximate map of our route (works if signed in to Yahoo already and you wait for it to come up--and click to tell it you understood road name may have changed--claims trip is 673 miles).

Fullerton Railroad Days

We reached Fullerton on Saturday afternoon and immediately got in line for the Ripley. Afterwards, we looked around the show. Here are some of our pictures:

The E.P. Ripley on Display

The Rest of the Show

Santa Margarita Ranch: Pacific Coast Roundup

Early Sunday morning, we were in Santa Margarita to see the steam locomotives get ready to pull those original Retlaw coaches (from the opening of Disneyland). It was a slightly hazy morning but very comfortable. The ranch is amazing--with its own airstrip, a large loop of track, the barn (one of the oldest masonry structures--complete with a resident owl), the old adobe building (now covered in boards but still looking neat), the horses, etc. We ended up volunteering to guard the crossing in front of the barn, but we got in two tender rides apiece plus a few passenger rides in the coaches. We took almost 350 pictures but we have selected the best images to share.

We have a few video clips of the locomotives in action:

The flyer for the event sums up the fun we had. Here is a satellite map of the area of the ranch with the railroad track.

San Luis Obispo: Dinner at the Madonna Inn

After the event, we stopped for dinner at the Madonna Inn. It is a wild, over-the-top pink place. Someday we may have to stay there in one of their novelty-themed rooms, just for fun. I like the rock work and the stained glass, but the pink is a bit much for me. We had an excellent steak there.


On Monday, we went to Disneyland for more fun. We got a tender ride and walked around for most of the day before finally returning home. The whole trip was 650+ miles, roundtrip. We were sunburned and tired at the end, but we had a great time.

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--Kim Keeline