Popular Culture Association National Conference, 2006

We had a great trip, seeing a new city and meeting with friends (both old and new). Below you will find links to some of our photos.

We were there for the conference. In this photo gallery, you will see some sights we saw downtown as we went to and from the conference and to the various dinners which we attended with the other Dime Novels, Series Books, and Pulps presenters. There are numerous pictures of our friends from the conference. We went to dinner on Wed. at a nice place. On Thursday, we went to the diner in our hotel (the City Cafe at the Days Inn) which was pretty good and very convenient. On Friday we walked to the Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles restaurant where we had excellent service and food. It was a nice walk too, and I got to see the Shakespeare Tavern down the street. On Saturday, we ate at a good brewery called Max Lager's which was down the street from the Marriott.

In this photo gallery, you will see my visit to Margaret Mitchell's apartment. She lived in "the dump" in the basement. I am not a fan of the movie (Gone with the Wind, of course) but after visiting this house, I am a big fan of the author and will have to read the book when I have time.

The next photo gallery is about the Atlanta Underground and the World of Coke exhibit next door. I found the shops in the Underground boring but liked the cars and fake train stuff. The World of Coke is one big ad, but vaguely amusing. Too bad we don't like Coca-Cola. We do drink Barq's all the time though, as it is our favorite of the "Macro-brews" of Root Beer.

At the Underground is the starting point for the thing we probably enjoyed most about the town--the Segway tour. As you can see from the photos, we did a three hour tour of downtown and the Sweet Auburn (MLK, jr.) section of Atlanta. It was fun and we will have to do another Segway tour in other places we visit.

The last photo gallery for our trip is of the Cyclorama and the Texas locomotive (the one which "won" the Great Locomotive Chase). It was kinda out of the way, but worth it to us.

To our friends at the conference, if you see a photo you want a copy of, please let me know. I have larger, better quality versions of everything.

Thanks for visiting our photo galleries.

--Kim K.