New York City June 2005

Stratemeyer 100th Anniversary / Nancy Drew 75th Anniversary Conference

Saturday, June 11 -- Essex, CT

We went over, early in the morning, to Essex, CT. The town is lovely and we wandered around a little, but we really went there for the Essex Steam Train and River Boat tour. We took the 2pm train which then took us to the boat for a tour up river. It was great. Then we looked around the train area and took some pictures of the locomotive. We took the dinner train up river later that evening.

Monday, June 13--Franklin, NJ

We took a train to New Jersey and rented a car to drive to Franklin for the Franklin Fluorescent Museum. We spent a half hour in their "mineral dump" collecting mineral specimens. We brought home 12 pounds of rocks which glow under shortwave UV. We also bought a few specimens from their gift shop. They have one of the largest displays of glowing rocks around. Look at the plain rocks under normal light and then see my attempt to take a picture of their more beautiful UV view.

New York Sightseeing (over the week)

On Sunday, June 12 we walked around Central Park and took the aerial tram from Roosevelt Island to get the view. On Tuesday, while James was in the NYPL archives, Kim walked down 5th Ave and around Central Park. We also did Central Park on Tuesday evening and saw some other sites on Wed. Here is a small selection of our pictures.

Stratemeyer Syndicate Offices Around Madison Square Park (visited Wed. June 15)

We went to Madison Square Park and looked around. You will see pictures of the Met Life building. The next block over is the site where two Syndicate offices used to exist. The buildings are no longer there. However, the office where Edward Stratemeyer ran the syndicate from 1925-1930 still exists. There are several exterior shots and one of the tiny lobby.

Thursday, June 16--Stratemeyer Tour of New Jersey sites

We took a train to New Jersey's Penn Station and then got on a tour bus. Of the many sites we saw, you will see in the pictures:

Stratemeyer's House at 171 N. 7th St. in the Roseville Section of Newark (This house was depicted in the April 1934 Fortune article about Stratemeyer).

Stratemeyer's House on N. 6th St. It was under renovation when we visited. This house is probably the one with the flowered wall paper in the attic office which can be seen in a 1903 picture of Edward Stratemeyer.

Leslie Garis on the porch of her grandfather's (Howard R. Garis) house at 12 Myrtle Ave, Newark a couple of blocks from Stratemeyer's home.

The Fairmont Memorial where Harriet Stratemeyer Adams is buried along with her husband Russell Vroom Adams and her son, Russell Vroom Adams, Jr. Flowers were left at the memorial.

Syndicate Offices in Maplewood, NJ. The Syndicate offices were moved from NY in 1930 after the death of Edward to East Orange. This office was opened in the 1960s to be closer to Harriet's home. The yellow spine Nancys that Kim remembers so well were written from the second floor of this building.

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams' home at 48 North Terrace in Maplewood, NJ.

Elizabeth, the birthplace of Edward Stratemeyer, has a beautiful train station built between 1891-3 where we ate lunch (it is now a restaurant and not used as a station although the trains are right behind it).

Our last stop was to Evergreen Cemetery where Edward Stratemeyer and his wife Magdalene are buried. Flowers were put on Edward's grave. Note the large monument behind the tombstones and see the Dave Porter spine design on the sides.

Friday, June 17--First Day of Conference at the NY Society for Ethical Culture

Along with pictures of some of the activity, you will find pictures of each presenter, starting with James who spoke on Edward's early writings. Then Leslie Garis was interviewed by Geoffrey Lapin about her grandfather. Next was Trudi Abel who presented on the Great Book War and Laura Ruby who spoke about her Nancy Drew Art. After lunch, Geoffrey Lapin presented on Pat Doll who worked for the syndicate. This was followed by Sharon Reid Harris' powerpoint presentation on Nancy Drew's travels around the world and Melanie Rehak's discussion of Harriet Stratemeyer Adams and Mildred Wirt Benson.

Friday, June 17--Gala Event

That evening about 30 of us went to the costume dessert bar party. There were great decorations. James went as Ralph Fairbanks from the Ralph on the Railroad series. Kim was, naturally, Ralph's girlfriend, Cherry Hopkins. Others were Hardy Boys characters, etc. It was great.

Saturday, June 18--Second Day of Conference

The day started with the postponed speech by James on the illustrators of the early books. This was followed by Kathleen Chamberlain on Nancy Drew subtext and Lesbianism; Jim Lawrence, Jr. speaking about his grandfather, James Lawrence; Neil Morrison on Tom Swift collectibles; and Susan Kandel reading from her book Not a Girl Detective. After lunch, Marilyn Greenwalk spoke on Leslie McFarlane, and Pamela and Spencer Tandy shared pictures and a discussion of Orientalism's influence on their grandfather, Russell H. Tandy who did covers for Nancy Drew. Bob Nelson and Jennifer Fisher then did a panel discussion about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Todd Latoski spoke on the Wanderers. Papercutz presented on their graphic novels and Leslie Brazeau spoke on the Nancy Drew video games. There are also pictures of the exhibits and the items for sale. Some of the attendees went to dinner together that night.