Much Ado About Kittens

Starring Beatrice and Benedick Keeline

Pictures in Reverse Chronology--
you see them from now, back to their adoption!    :)

New Pictures: The Now Almost Full Grown Cats (Jan 2001):



Blankets are good when it is cold

Ben thinks he's a rug.


Hey, It's James!

Sleep Time


Does the World look better upside down?

The Kits up to December 2000:
Think I'm Cute?


Excuse Me, I'm Bathing Her.
Mind giving us some privacy?

Spending Some Quality Time
Lying Here Relaxing 
We Used to Fit in the Tower,
but now it is getting a bit crowded up here.
Thank Goodness we like each other.



The Stars of the Show from about July 1 to July 18, 2000:

  Look, We're Cute!
Sleeping in the gap between chairs under the table

You wouldn't attack a guy when he's bathing?

Socializing Time


The First Pictures:

Beatrice was eight weeks old when we adopted her, so that makes her birthday approximately April 23, 2000 (Shakespeare's Day). Benedick is a week younger. We adopted them from the shelter on Friday, June 9th. They had not been socialized much before so they were very skittish, particularly him. He was so timid that we nicknamed him "Mouse Boy" because of the funny look on his face all the time.

    First Day Jitters:  

Then They Calmed Down:

Beatrice really was born under a dancing star, although it is easier to take a picture of either of them when they are calm or sleeping. They just move so fast. They are settling in nicely and are a great joy.

This page is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Boots. We hope he would approve.

Last Updated on Jan. 2, 2001