Photo Album 2002

I am sorry this was so late. We meant to have this up before Xmas. Here they are; better late than never. Enjoy.

Our Cats, Beatrice and Benedick, remain well. Below, Ben rests in James' lap. He is a goofy cat.

In April we did our annual trip for the Popular Culture Association Conference. This year it was in Toronto, which was very cold. We flew to Buffalo, NY and drove to Toronto.

This is a picture of James in front of a Train hobby store in Buffalo.

Then we drove to Niagra Falls. It was freezing. You can see the ice forming from the heavy mist of the water. This is from the American side, but we saw it from the more spectacular Canadian view too. So Cold!

Since I study Shakespeare, I couldn't resist posing with the sign for this small town.

Toronto was lovely. This is Casa Loma--a beautiful castle-like mansion.

Here is a small selection of the group of presenters for this year's section on Dime Novels and Series Books group at the PCA.

We always go to dinner several times during the trip as a group. We fill up three to five tables and have lots of fun. Here Kim enjoys some great conversations about books.

We visited Disneyland a number of times this year. Here James is in Frontierland.

The train reaches the Disneyland station.

In the fall, we started digging our garden. We rented a rototiller and began work.

It has been slow work. Here I am planting a small area near the front door, visible from our large front window in the living room. I built a small hill and did a planting.

This is the view from the street towards the house.

This is the view from the house. I made a fake river from rocks to go down to a small bird bath in the ground. It looks good from the living room. The rest of the yard is still in progress, but it is getting closer. We will be putting in the yard in the next few weeks, probably.

From James, Kim, Beatrice and Benedick, our best wishes for you--in 2003 and beyond.