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The NFFC was holding their annual show on July 16, 2006 so we took the opportunity to see the show, but also to do a good Disneyland day. After spending about 3 hours at the show, visiting a number of people, and buying a few items, we took off for Griffith Park. There we visited Walt's Barn and took a ride on the Los Angeles Live Steamers public run day. Our friend, Brian, had never seen the Barn, so it was a great time for all.

Then we headed to Disneyland. We arrived around 4pm and we closed down the place around Midnight (technically the park closed at 11pm, but Main St. stayed open longer). As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time. We rode the new version of the Pirates of the Caribbean (with the Capt. Jack Sparrow figures added in for the movie) and ate at the Blue Bayou (which had commerative menus for the movie in addition to fancy desserts). The desserts were very nice but the decorative touches claimed to be "edible" but were disgusting and dangerous to the teeth. You could crack a molar on these. I'd swear they were plastic. "Properly warned ye be, says I!"

One special part of the day was the fact that we got a ride on the Lilly Belle. This was our first time and we were very excited. It can be nice travelling with a V.I.P. The Lilly Belle has recently undergone restoration, and, as you can see from the pictures, is very beautiful. We felt very lucky to be there.


--James and Kim Keeline


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