Boulder City and Hoover Dam (our first helicopter ride)
Begins with a private tour of one man's Las Vegas collection, then Boulder City
Jan 27-28, 2007
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DSCF5176 DSCF5179
DSCF5182 DSCF5183
DSCF5194 DSCF5195
DSCF5196 DSCF5199
DSCF5207 DSCF5212
DSCF5214 DSCF5217
DSCF5219 DSCF5220
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DSCF5224 DSCF5225
DSCF5227 DSCF5228
DSCF5230 DSCF5234
DSCF5237 DSCF5238
DSCF5239 DSCF5240
DSCF5241 DSCF5253
DSCF5255 DSCF5258
DSCF5259 DSCF5268
DSCF5269 DSCF5273
DSCF5274 DSCF5275
DSCF5277 DSCF5282
DSCF5284 DSCF5285
DSCF5291 DSCF5293
DSCF5295 DSCF5299
DSCF5300 DSCF5303
DSCF5311 DSCF5316
DSCF5319 DSCF5324
DSCF5327 DSCF5332
DSCF5334 DSCF5337
DSCF5340 DSCF5342
DSCF5347 DSCF5359
DSCF5366 DSCF5367
DSCF5368 DSCF5369