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Disneyland News

There have actually been several Disneyland News newspapers. The earliest ones were published in the park on a monthly basis from July 1955 through early 1957. Home subscriptions were available. Guests could have a personalized headline.

Personalized issues were available for many years after the regular edition was discontinued. Special versions were created for the Magic Kingdom Club and other groups who visited.

The name Disneyland News was used for publicity and events from time to time, including the 30th anniversary of the park in 1985 with new articles and reprints of old ones.

A few issues of a studio newspaper called Disney Times were issued in 1979. It contained some theme park news.


This publication was primarily available in the hotels near Disneyland. For the first six issues, it was called Disneyland Holiday, possibly to associate it with the Holidayland part of Disneyland where corporate events could be held.

From the beginning (Spring 1957), the publication included features and advertisements for other Southern California attractions. The name change to Vacationland was more appealing to these other tourist spots. It was still published by Disneyland and all of the covers conected to the park.

This publication was issued initially four times a year for the four seasons: (1) Spring, (2) Summer, (3) Fall, and (4) Winter. However, in later years only three issues were published per year and certain seasons were combined, like Winter Spring or Fall Winter. The last known issue is from Summer 1984.

When Walt Disney World opened, a companion publication was used for that resort.

Disney News

Disney News was mailed to members of the Magic Kingdom Club. This organization offered discounted tickets to employees of companies. The purpose of the publication was to encourage these families to return to Disneyland several times throughout the year.

The earliest known issue is Winter 1965 and it is apparently still published on a quartely basis. Later issues feature Walt Disney World, and the film and television projects of the Walt Disney Company.

In several cases during the period when this publication and Vacationland were issued, the same cover photos and similar or the same articles were used in both publications.

Castmember Publications

Disneylander is the earliest publication for park employees, or "castmembers." Although it has some features on new parts of the park, more often it contains articles about employees in different departments, including promotions, weddings, childbirths, and bowling leagues.

Backstage Disneyland

Backstage Disneyland was founded by Golden Horseshoe regular, Wally Boag. Like other castmember publications, it contained news of promotions, contests, and weddings.

Disneyland Line

This is the most recent castmember newsletter and is probably still in publication.

Other Publications
Newspaper Supplements

In the early years of Disneyland, newspapers around the country were offered pages of content produced by the Walt Disney Company to promote the park and the films.

Mickey Mouse Club Magazine

The Mickey Mouse Club was a popular television program. The magazine occasionally featured articles or pictures of Disneyland.